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    Rene Reiner

    Realtor, MBA

    License Number: 0225220213

    Franklin D Roosevelt stated, "Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world." Since passing my real estate exam in 2008, I've been intrigued with matching my customers with their best possible real estate investment. After first having found Roanoke as an exchange Student to William Byrd from Zurich, Switzerland, I've lived in this beautiful Valley for 22 years and have an extensive background in marketing which, when combined, affords me the opportunity to share my love of the area and my expertise with my clients. With my clients' best interests in mind, I offer value added sales packages for my sellers and match wish lists to realities for my buyers; thereby, I help and educate my clients in their quests for the perfect home and their most important investment decision.

    Catherine Weaver

    Realtor, Sales and Customer Relations Manager

    License Number: 0225221460

    Catherine is second generation in the real estate industry and values those early life lessons from her family. She learned the significance of fostering genuine relationships and establishing community ties by observing her step father's work in real estate in the quaint college town of Lexington, Virginia. She moved to central Florida during high school but never felt the same sense of "home community" there, and she returned to SW Virginia to attend Hollins University where she graduated with honors. Catherine obtained a BA in English and a BS in Economics because she believed that communication and creativity were equally relevant in a business setting and particularly in a privately-owned business where “the hat one wears” from day to day is ever changing. After coming "home", Catherine found the Roanoke Valley to be a perfect blend of opportunity and community and an ideal setting to raise her daughter while pursuing her personal and professional interests. Now a Roanoke native of seventeen years, Catherine has applied her business sense and love of the area by working with local businesses. She has honed her communication and creativity skills as a manager for a local IT firm, and later Chocolatepaper, a local and family owned specialty gift store. Through these endeavors she amassed the interpersonal, business, and managerial skills necessary to be successful. Her commitment to the area and her early exposure to real estate made for a natural transition into the real estate industry in 2014. Catherine cites, “I think the single most important thing you can be, in whatever industry or position you hold, is sincerely invested in the people who are willing to afford you the opportunity to do business with them.” Her belief in this statement and commitment to evolving within the industry are what she believes to be the key ingredients to her success in real estate. Gaius Plinius Secundus, a Roman philosopher better known as Pliny the Elder, coined the phrase “Home is where the heart is”. As an experienced team player and manager who has maintained a strong commitment to her relationships and ties to the community, Catherine is not only a credible and respected member of the real estate community but also of the larger community of Roanoke Valley, where her heart led her to fondly call home.

    Krystal Ulmer


    License Number: 0225238476

    “A Realtor is not a salesperson. They’re a matchmaker. They introduce people to homes, until they fall in love with one.” There is a creative art to matchmaking and introducing people to "the one", and this quote resonates with Krystal Ulmer. She spent ten years as a professional makeup artist, honing her eye for personal creativity and style expression. Simultaneously, she’s always had a zeal for real estate; a home is one's ultimate outward expression of personal priority and sense of style. Originally from New Jersey, Krystal moved southward in 2007 with her husband Fred and children Evan, Emmalee, and Emelia, and they settled in Roanoke in 2016. Here, they have found the beautiful vistas and connected community in which to raise their children and pursue fulfilling new professional adventures. In free time, the family is passionate about following baseball and cheering for their beloved Yankees. They also take time to connect with the natural beauty of the area and enjoy hiking the many mountain trails. Krystal states, “I fell in love with Roanoke, I knew this is where I wanted to raise my family, and start my career as a Realtor. There’s always a new trail to hike, a fun event to take the kids, a new place to eat, or a scenic route to take. I finally feel at home”. Our team is so fortunate that Krystal has decided this is the right time and the perfect community to pursue her dreams of matching families with their perfect new homes. Quotes: “To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations” -Anthony Hitt

    Erica McKee


    License Number: 0225227987

    Erica McKee has an extensive background in customer service that lends itself perfectly to her career in real estate and to her clients. She works hard to make the process seamless from beginning to end with her attentiveness, communication and knowledge of the business. Erica works with her husband, Todd McKee, Realtor® and the Reiner Realty Group to give you an experience of integrity, knowledge and dedication to making your success ours! As a Roanoke Valley native and with years of experience in the industry, she is ready to help you today!

    Todd McKee


    License Number: 0225197518

    Todd McKee has been in real estate since 2010. Working hard to build his client relationships with honesty, trust & integrity being the focus. With a wonderful wife and 3 young daughters, Todd understands the challenge and sometimes difficult balance between life, family & business. Todd will work hard to take the stress and worry out of the process by staying with you throughout every step of buying a home while passing on his education and experience to his clients so YOU can make the best decisions. Call Todd today to take the next step!

    Cheyne Pizzino

    Referral Agent

    License Number: 0225236314